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Treatment with Cannabis and THC

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Treatment with Cannabis and THC

This book provides comprehensive, practical information and helpful tips on the therapeutic use of cannabis and the cannabis active ingredient dronabinol (THC). It deals with medical topics such as areas of application, dosage, side effects, as well as additional aspects that can play a role in therapy with cannabis products. These include the legal situation, the question of the cost of a treatment with dronabinol by the health insurances, medical confidentiality, fitness to drive and driving, as well as the cultivation and storage of cannabis.

 All topics are treated by the authors from their many years of experience with great expertise and with an eye on the essentials. The result is a compact, competent guide, indispensable for everyone who use or intend to use cannabis products medicinally. “Compressed knowledge at a fair price. For all therapeutically oriented cannabis users this is currently the best guide on the subject. " (Hanfblatt 105, 02/07) Year of publication: 2006/2012/2015 ISBN: 978-3-03788-147-7 112 pages, format 14 × 21 cm

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