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The Rediscovery of The Useful Plant Hemp

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The Rediscovery of The Useful Plant Hemp

One of the oldest crops on earth could help provide people with adequate clothing, paper, oil, fuel, food, building materials and many medicines. Within a few years, the outlawed drug became a widely praised “renewable” organic raw material. “There is only one plant that, as a renewable raw material, is able to supply the majority of paper, textiles and food, as well as energy consumption and which at the same time curbs environmental pollution, improves the soil and purifies our air: it is an old one Companion who has always done this: cannabis, hemp, marijuana. " 

(Jack Herer) Arousing like a revelatory book, exciting like a thriller, as rich in facts as an encyclopedia: Jack Herer's hemp book triggered a worldwide rediscovery of hemp as an organic raw material. Medicines, clothing, building materials, paints, varnishes, edible oils, paper - medicine, industry and politics can no longer avoid hemp in the long term. Hardly any other substance has such an ecologically valuable potential. Authors: Jack Herer, Mathias Bröckers Year of publication: 2016 ISBN: 978-3-03788-181-1 526 pages, format 17 × 24 cm, hardcover

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