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Phyto-inhalation - Medicinal Herbs and Vaporizers

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Phyto-inhalation - Medicinal Herbs and Vaporizers

The power of herbs has been used in all cultures for a long time, as tea, in ointments and pills. Some herbs are smoked, some inhaled. Smoke is always unhealthy, steam inhalation is often tedious, and both methods are wasteful of plant material and active ingredients. With a good vaporizer, the desired active ingredients are released from the plant material at a specifically adjustable temperature so that you can inhale almost 100% smoke-free. 

This beautiful book not only goes into the history of inhalation and the associated healing through smoke, fragrance and breath, it also describes in great detail many different plants with their effects and the correct use in the vaporizer, i.e. phytoinhalation. GZ 218 - medicinal herbs and vaporizer. An introduction to the technique of gentle inhalation Author: Fuchs (ed.), Frank Grüne Kraft, Neuaufl. 2012, ND 2015, 126 p. M. Numerous. Fig., Boxed ISBN: 978-3-922708-36-0

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