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Liberalization of Psychoactive Substances

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Liberalization of Psychoactive Substances

Does intoxication harm society? Why are governments in most countries banning the use of psychoactive substances? How did the bans come about and how were they justified? Despite selective progress, drug policy has remained restrictive and the topic is debated emotionally and not factually. Even those who suffer from repression often lack the background knowledge to be able to take a deviating position conclusively. You can only convince politically with verifiable facts and knowledge of the interrelationships. 

The book provides the relevant arguments for or against Prohibition - with an interdisciplinary approach that attaches central importance to human pursuit of personal happiness. Anyone who is critical of official representations and wants to get an idea for himself, finds the information you are looking for in a concise form. Author: Frank Sembowski Year of publication: 2017 ISBN: 978-3-03788-536-9 144 pages, format 14.8 x 21 cm

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