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Baking with hemp - intoxicatingly good!

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Baking with hemp - intoxicatingly good!

As a millennia-old useful and medicinal plant, hemp is experiencing a renaissance today. But the plant also unfolds its very special effects in the kitchen. In this new and expanded classic, the Berlin pastry chef Kathrin Gebhardt shows how you can use the resin, leaves and seeds of hemp to conjure up sophisticated cakes, tarts and biscuits, as well as spicy hot and cold delicacies and drinks. In addition to the 73 known recipes, there are 4 new gluten-free baking and cooking recipes, a dialogue on gluten-free nutrition and a general update of the basic knowledge. 

The two doctors, Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen and Dr. med. Joubin Gandjour discussed the pharmacokinetics of THC and the nutritional value of hemp seeds. This book also provides an up-to-date medical overview of cannabis as a remedy. With many new gluten-free recipes! Year of publication: 2016 ISBN: 978-3-03788-239-9 128 pages, illustrated, 4-color throughout, 16.6 x 24 cm, hardcover- German Language

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